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Raid Progression
06/23/2008 11:50 PM by Tuerny.
Ok, we were a majority (13/25) in Gruul tonight, so I went ahead and updated our rank info on Moonmaster's pve ranking site. Wowjutsu still isn't registering all of our gear, so our ranking on that site is lower. Next week we hit Gruul again plus Mag-
HKM-Gruul Down
06/17/2008 01:56 AM by Tuerny.
Thanks to the efforts of Deus Ex, Giant Squids, and other friends Gruul and his band of slobbering ogres are down for the count. Next comes Mag, and after that it's back to SSC/TK. Well done guys-
Guild Rank
05/22/2008 03:24 AM by Tuerny.
Our new guild ranking is posted on Moonmaster's website: http://www.webrender.net/rankings3/ - and I am working on updating the player scans for Wowjutsu. Make sure to log out in your raid gear so that the scans accurately reflect bosses downed. The Wowjutsu ranks can be found here: http://www.wowjutsu.com/us/lightninghoof/
ZA Progression
05/20/2008 12:11 AM by Tuerny.
We have the first 3 bosses in ZA down. The dragon boss is next and shouldn't be too much trouble. Then it's on to the last 2 bosses for a full clear. Nice work!
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