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Mag Down
09/08/2008 11:09 PM by Tuerny.
Yes. Finally. Can a boss be put on your ignore list?
Lurker Down
09/03/2008 11:42 PM by Tuerny.
So... the giant goldfish now floats belly up on the surface. Another progression boss downed- nice work guys-
Hydross Down
08/25/2008 11:38 PM by Tuerny.
Congrats to our raiders for dropping the big blue blob. Nice work guys-
Zul'jin down: Deus Ex completes ZA
08/08/2008 03:22 PM by Tuerny.
We successfully downed the one armed troll completing our conquest of ZA. Now that we own it.....we're going to farm it.
Hex Lord Down!
07/21/2008 05:52 AM by Tuerny.
This weekend Deus progressed further in ZA by dropping Jan'alai (the dragonhawk boss) and Hex Lord Malacrass. Malacrass was 1-shotted; nice work! The team then proceeded to Zul'jin and was able to take him to 3% before calling it a night. We're looking at a full clear very soon-
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