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Winterchill Down
10/09/2008 03:44 PM by Tuerny.
After a brief learning curve (i.e., one attempt), we dropped Rage Winterchill, bringing home the guild's first Hearts of Darkness and other Hyjal loot. Easy boss. Anetheron was taken to below 50% in two attempts before the raid retired for the night- next time, Anetheron, next time...
Fathom-lord Karathress Down
10/03/2008 04:44 AM by Tuerny.
Second progression boss downed in the same night. Very clean run tonight everyone. Lady Vashj is the only boss remaining in SSC-
Morogrim Down
10/03/2008 04:41 AM by Tuerny.
We meet again Tidewalker! Second time we've looked at this boss and we hit him with a 1-shot. All too easy...
Leotheras Down
10/02/2008 02:11 AM by Tuerny.
Posted a few days late, but here it is. Deus has downed Leo and added another boss to our list. Actually, tonight, we downed him a second time and handed out more T5 gloves like candy.
VR Down
09/15/2008 10:28 PM by Tuerny.
Right on schedule- next in TK is Solarian, and in SSC it's Leo, Tidewalker, and Fathomlord. We are currently dropping a new boss every week- nice work everyone.
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