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Illidari Council Down
11/11/2008 02:27 AM by Tuerny.
Took us 9 wipes to get the rhythm of this fight- 10th time's the charm! Nice, fairly complex fight with enough leeway to lose a few and still come away with a boss kill. And grats again to those lucky looters who won the T6 legs and other gear-
11/09/2008 03:34 AM by Tuerny.
So much for a happy ending... With some healer stacking and waaay less SR gear than we should have had, Deus Ex downed the beloved Shadow Mistress of Black Temple. Really fun fight-
Kael'thas Sunstrider Down
11/05/2008 02:00 AM by Tuerny.
A very fun fight. Kael used every trick in the book and killed half the raid, but for a learning curve of only 2 attempts the team performed exceptionally well, giving us quite the excellent Deus Ex victory-
Reliquary of Souls is Down
11/01/2008 10:30 PM by Tuerny.
After taking a day to study up on the fight, Deus Ex returned to face the three faces of the Reliquary of the Lost (called by most the Reliquary of Souls). After a brief adjustment to learn the transition from the trash gauntlet to the boss, the Deus Ex team dropped the Reliquary like a Greek tragedy. Next, we gear up for Shahraz and the final three in BT-
Teron Gorefiend and Gurtogg Bloodboil are Down.
10/30/2008 05:12 AM by Tuerny.
Two more BT bosses in one night- most of us saw them tonight for the first time. Gorefiend was a 1-shot... much easier than I expected. Bloodboil took all of 4 tries to kill. Next up, the Reliquary of Souls-
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