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Vault of Archavon 10-man Cleared
11/29/2008 04:07 AM by Tuerny.
Archavon was downed easily tonight, providing the raid with both Death Knight and Priest S5 legs. If only we'd had a priest with us in the group...
OS-10 Cleared
11/29/2008 04:03 AM by Tuerny.
Sartharion, with his supporting cast of mini-boss drakes, was downed immediately after completion of the Naxx-10 run, providing Deus Ex members with more farmable loot.
Naxx-10 Cleared
11/29/2008 04:01 AM by Tuerny.
Deus downed the remaining bosses in the 10-man version of Naxxramas II, completing our first full clear.
Plague and Construct Quarters Cleared
11/27/2008 02:15 PM by Tuerny.
T7 legs and shoulders for our little 10-man team; 6 new bosses dropped last night. A very productive run indeed.
Military Quarter Cleared
11/26/2008 01:46 AM by Tuerny.
For our first foray into LK raid content, Deus cleared the Military Quarter in Naxx10 and also dropped Patchwerk. As we gear up, tune our toons, and more 80s come online we will once again move to 25-man content.
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