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Razuvious, Gothik, and Four Horsemen Down
01/08/2009 12:46 AM by Tuerny.
Military Quarter cleared! A couple more runs at Instructor Razuvious and he finally dropped for us. Then we had 1-shots on Gothik and the Four Horsemen, making three progression bosses in one night. Only three bosses remain up in Naxx25-
Gluth Down
01/06/2009 01:48 AM by Tuerny.
A few wipes to work out the bugs and down he goes- nice job kiters.
Grobbulus Down
01/02/2009 01:27 AM by Tuerny.
Back to progression. Holidays are over and Deus is back to downing new content. Nice work folks-
Patchwerk Down
12/19/2008 01:18 AM by Tuerny.
Nice 1-shot on this progression boss. As a gear check boss, downing Patch bodes well for Deus to clear remaining 25-man content- nice work everyone.
Naxx, OS, and Vault 25-man Progress
12/11/2008 01:35 AM by Tuerny.
On 12/9/08, Deus downed Archavon, Anub'Rekhan, and Grand Widow Faerlina in our first foray into Lich King 25-man raiding. The following day, 12/10/08 we entered the Obsidian Sanctum and downed Sartharion, then back into Naxx where we downed Maexxna, Noth, Heigan, and Loatheb, clearing both the Arachnid and Plague Quarters. Valorous loot was handed out, and there was much rejoicing-
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