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Malygos-25 Down!
02/19/2009 05:27 AM by Tuerny.

We've cleared the game :)
Ok, well there's still Sarth 3D and a few achievements, but all the raid bosses are downed and we're feeling mighty good about ourselves. Much thanks to all our raiders, you have put in the work and can be proud of your accomplishments. Next up, we will fight some of the good fights the hard way, and soon it's on to Ulduar. Congratulations all!

Malygos-10 is Down
01/31/2009 12:54 AM by Tuerny.
Quite an excellent job tonight. Thanks guys for all the extra hard work- that's a real fun boss fight. Just the 25-man version left.
Kel'Thuzad is Dead! Naxx is Clear!
01/30/2009 05:16 AM by Tuerny.
This house is clean! The last boss in Naxxramas is dead and the lords of Deus Ex now sit on his throne. Our kill order during the week, and very smooth downing of some of the more difficult bosses, left us in position to spend some quality time with KT. And it has paid off handsomely. Excellent work Deus raiders. One to go!
Sapphiron Down
01/20/2009 01:49 AM by Tuerny.
Two bosses still standing- we're nearing the end of game content.
Thaddius Down
01/15/2009 05:49 PM by Tuerny.
Thanks to those team members who showed flexibility in respecing, and to the team as a whole that kept pushing for Thaddius' demise, Deus Ex now has another progression boss under its belt. Only the last two Naxx bosses and Malygos remain :)
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