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Heroic Blackhorn Down
06/24/2012 11:25 PM by Tuerny.
05/07/2012 03:44 AM by Tuerny.

Deus Ex has moved! Our new home is Sargeras, a high pop ally heavy server. The player base will make it easier to fill raid rosters and run those extra raids we've all been looking for on non-progression nights. The economy on Sargeras is stronger as well, and can better support those little extras our players want from the game. All round a solid move for Deus Ex. We leave some friends behind, but hope to stay in touch, and perhaps we'll see you there. So long Lightninghoof, and thanks for all the fish!

~Tuerny, Guild Leader of Deus Ex

Heroic Hagara Down
04/20/2012 02:24 AM by Tuerny.
Heroic Zon'ozz Down
03/12/2012 12:58 AM by Tuerny.

Heroic Ultraxion Down
03/02/2012 08:29 AM by Tuerny.
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