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Deus Ex is looking for mature, experienced players interested in progression raiding. Raider spots limited to strong/experienced, well-geared, reliable players only.
Death Knight Death Knight Limited
Druid Druid Limited
Hunter Hunter Limited
Mage Mage Limited
Paladin Paladin Limited
Priest Priest Limited
Rogue Rogue Limited
Shaman Shaman Limited
Warlock Warlock Limited
Warrior Warrior Limited
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Deus Ex of Sargeras
Welcome to Deus Ex! We are 12/13 Heroic HFC. We are always looking for strong raiders. If interested, please message one of our officers in game.
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Heroic Mannoroth Down
12/27/2015 03:08 PM by Tuerny
Heroic Tyrant Velhari Down
12/27/2015 03:07 PM by Tuerny
Heroic Shadow-Lord Iskar Down
12/13/2015 05:37 PM by Tuerny
Heroic Xhul'horac Down
12/06/2015 04:45 AM by Tuerny
Heroic Socrethar Down
12/01/2015 11:27 AM by Tuerny
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